Festival of Archaeology 2017

  • Talk Chris Wakefield

    Must Farm: Britains Pompeii

    In August 2015 the Cambridge Archaeological Unit began excavation of a Bronze Age Settlement.
    This was a 10-month excavation at the site that was destroyed by fire, causing it to collapse into a river channel, preserving the contents in situ.Chris Wakefield from the CAU will explain the discovery of what has been dubbed Britains Pompeii and bring us the latest news on research from the site.

  • Talk Dr Alex Langlands

    The Lost City of Old Sarum

    This lecture examines the evidence for Old Sarum in the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods.
    It reviews unpublished excavations, historic maps, chance finds and modern digital survey
    evidence to suggest that underlying the green pastures of the hill-fort and its immediate environs,
    there is the potential for a really rather extensive lost city

  • Talk Dr P Harding L Mepham

    The Lost Gatehouse

    A rough sketch from 1799 and an intriguing mark on a geophysical survey have Phil and Lorraine
    once again digging live for us at the festival. Join them to hear how their festival live dig has gone,
    and whether they really have found the museums long lost gatehouse. Whatever the result,
    this pair never fails to captivate their audience.

  • Talk Francis Prior

    Stonehenge: The Story of a Scared Landscape

    This talk will be about the people who built Stonehenge and monuments like it right across Britain.
    Francis will concentrate on the sites early history and will reconsider the social changes that led to the
    building of the earliest field monuments of the middle and later Neolithic. We are beginning to understand how and when Stonehenge was built. In this talk Francis Pryor will consider that other question: why?

  • Talk Garry Momber

    Maritime Archaeology Trust

    Director of the Maritime Archaeology Trust, Garry Momber will be introducing us to some of the fascinating projects carried out around Britains historic coastline, taking the festival off terra-firma and into the sub aqua including the Bouldnor Cliff and Forgotten Wrecks projects

  • Talk Jeremy Deller

    Jeremy Deller, chaired by Mike Pitts

    Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller will be at the festival to discuss his fascination with both
    recent and ancient history. After his talk, questions from the audience will be chaired by
    archaeologist and editor of British Archaeology magazine, Mike Pitts

  • Talk Kate Adie with Richard Osgood

    History Before Her Eyes

    Archaeologists can spend their careers reconstructing historic moments. Kate Adies career
    has seen numerous dramatic historic moments occur with her own eyes.Kate and Richard Osgood,
    MOD Senior Historic Advisor, will be looking at her remarkable career and comparing the work of the
    battlefield archaeologist and the battlefield reporter.

  • Talk Peter Ginn Dr Alex Langlands

    Presenting History

    Peter and Alex trained together as archaeologists and since then have become familiar faces in television history documentaries, presenting often in a very hands on way. Hear from the pair as they take you behind the scenes, looking at how they have achieved accessible, fascinating and entertaining viewing. From jellies on trains to bolting horses, this promises to be a fun way to round off Saturday at the festival.

  • Talk Prof. Roberta Gilchrist

    Prof. Roberta Gilchrist Glastonbury Abbey: Archaeology and Legend

    This lecture reveals some key findings from archaeological excavations that took place at
    Glastonbury Abbeyfrom 1904 to 1979. A research project on the antiquarian excavations has recently been published, revealing new insights to the archaeology and legends of Glastonbury Abbey and presenting new opportunities for public interpretation