Events 2018 2019

  • Beer Tasting Eve

    Celebrate spring with a talk about the history of beer and a tutored tasting of a selection of British beer styles accompanied by a selection of British Cheese and 'pub snacks'. The museum contains a number of exhibits which reflect the history of beer and some of these will make an appearance as part of the talk.

  • Landscape and Melody Talk

    Beatrice Parvin's novel Captain Swing and the Blacksmith is set in Wiltshire in the 1840s. It tells the story of working people through the land they toiled and the songs they sang. Join Beatrice as she reads from her novel, but then opens up discussion with violinist, Frank Biddulph and singer/songwriter, Rebecca Hollweg, who will also be performing music during the afternoon. There will even be the chance to learn and sing the chorus to the folk song Rebecca created from the novel.