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  • Art of Albert Goodwin

    A protege of Ruskin and a great admirer of Turner, Goodwin forged a mature style which united precise detail with rich atmospheric colour. This lecture outlines his inexhaustible travels and the deep religious faith which inspired his campaign to paint all the English cathedrals, with Salisbury one of his particular favourites.

  • Beer Ancient to Modern

    2020 marks the 800th year since the foundation stone of Salisbury Cathedral. This talk will explore the history of beer and consider what beer 800 years ago might have looked and tasted like. Beers tasted will include some reproductions of ancient styles as well as some current style leaders.

  • Farming Wealth Belief

    This lecture will draw together recent archaeological work on the Roman period in south-west Wiltshire, providing an overview of the Roman period and key events, followed by more in depth discussion of particular themes through various important sources of evidence. Dr David Roberts will look in detail at exciting new discoveries and how people lived in the region through the Roman period.

  • Old Bones New Insights

    This talk takes a detailed look at the treatment of the human body after death in the British Early Bronze Age and presents a new analysis of mortuary practice, focusing on human remains assemblages from southern Britain.